Hydro S Heat Pump

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Hydro-S heat pump helps to extend the swimming season and helps you enjoy your pool investment for longer time during the year.

The swimming pool heat pump is one of the most economical systems to heat the swimming pool efficiently. Using the free renewable energy from the air and the earth, it delivers up to five times more energy in heating than the traditional heating systems such as gas boiler and electric heater. So you will save 4/5 costs of the traditional heating. The swimming pool heat pump can lengthen your swimming season, and gives you comfort at high level. You will enjoy swimming not only in summer, but also in spring, autumn and even winter time.



  • Economy and comfort.
  • Quiet running.
  • Easy display controls.
  • High efficiency. COP up to 6.1
  • Cabinet made of coated steel.
  • R32 gas, which has a 3x lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) than the R410A 
  • 2 year warranty for heat pump, 5 year warranty for compressor and heat exchanger.
  • Maximum pool volume depending on environmental conditions.