Spa Time Hardness-Plus

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To raise the calcium hardness.

Application: Hardness Plus increases the calcium hardness in your spa water. A low hardness level (soft water) may lead to staining of surfaces such as the spa shell.

Advantages:                                                                                                              •  High quality •  No trace of metals •  Helps to prevent etching and staining

Product description: White odourless granules Contains: Calcium Chloride

Dosing recommendations: Divide the required amount by 3, adding 1/3 every 6 hours to prevent cloudy water. Pre-dissolve the 1/3 into a clean plastic bucket with clean fresh cold water. Pour the solution around the perimeter of the spa with the filter pump running. It is important that only cold water is used for dissolving this product as the reaction between the water and the product results in heat being generated.

Important information: This product should be used solely for the purpose specified.