Counter Current Jet

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Comes with White LED Light Kit

A counter current is a perfect way to keep up your fitness, without the expense of putting in an Olympic sized pool! 

Perfect for small size pools where space is limited. Also ideal for fitness training, underwater massage and endless no-lap swimming.

Powerful counter current
Counter current face plate with White LED light
On/Off light switch mounted on the jet face plate, easy access when you're in the water
Adjust the valve to control the bubble effect
Water flow can be changed through the rotating jet
Suitable for concrete and liner pools

Product can be used on a single or double jet system with one or two pumps

Made from a durable ABS structure 

For complete installation, you will need one pump, one front jet kit and a plumbing kit, please see package deal.

Espa Nadorself Pump

Powerful performance
Flow rates challenges all swimmers
Single phase pump : 3hp (2.3kW) provides 60m³/h
Self priming up to 4m
Can be installed up to 3m from pool>/li>
Please Note : For a complete installation you will need one pump and one front jet kit

Plumbing Kit To Suit Nadorself Pump

Flexible pipe plumbing kit contains :
2 x 75mm Socket P/FT
2 x 75mm Socket P/P
4 x 75mm-63mm reducer
2 x 63mm double union ball valve
2 x 3m 63mm Flexfit Pipe
1 x 500g Wet r Dry