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Optional extras : telescopic support leg for above ground installations
Aquatic exercise is one of the best exercises you can do. Gentle and soothing - with no stress on joints or bones Swimming is a superior method for staying in shape

With a Badu Swimjet system, any pool can become an aquatic workout center. You'll burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches by swimming against a gentle or increasingly insistent current. You control the degree of workout you want building body, mind and spirit.

Any pool, large or small, can provide a mild to olympic style workout with endless swimming. Whatever type of pool you currently own or plan to build, a Badu Jet system will increase overall use and value.

A swimjet system creates a current within otherwise still water. To accomplish this, the water is pumped into the pool through one, two or three specifically engineered large recessed nozzles. These nozzles are mounted in an underwater housing in the pool wall or in a housing installed over the wall.

The water pump that comes with the system works specifically with the swimjet nozzles to create a current of up to 5,700 GPM. The jet nozzles can be adjusted to change the depth and width of the current for an enjoyable experience or a low impact water exercise.

 Badu Jet Voltage Power Input Power Output m³/h Pressure at nozzle Spply Required
Perla 230v 2300W 1.6kW 40 0.9 Bar 16a C rated fuse
Riva 230v 2900W 2.2kW 54 1.0 Bar
20a C rated fuse