Find My Filter Catridge

Finding the right Filter Cartridge to suit your pool or hot tub can be tricky, so here is some help! 

1. All genuine Darlly filters have the part number printed on the end cap (eg “60401”) Also the label which comes on the wrapper will have all details. (Please keep this for next time) Pleatco and Unicel will also sometimes have the part number on the end cap.

2. Measure the relevant dimensions of the filter, as shows by the instructions below:




A) Measure the outer diameter of the filter measuring from the left edge of the filter to the right edge 


B) Measure the overall length of the cartridge (Do not include handles or threads, unless the thread is female/inside)
A more accurate measurement is made by measuring through the centre of the cartridge when possible
Fine Thread (MPT) has from 6 - 8 fine twists (Pleatco ends P4 or F2M) whereas Coarse Thread (SAE) will have as little as only 3 thicker threads (Pleatco ends P3 or F2S).


C) Measure the inside diameter of the opening of the cartridge or the inside edges of the thread. Holes are normally 50mm (2”), 75mm (3”) or 100mm (4”) Threads are normally 38mm (1 1/2”) or 50mm (2”)


Will another Filter Cartridge Fit my Spa?

The answer to this is surprisingly YES. Especially if it has a handle. A handle filter is normally always with a threaded bottom and so long as the thread is the same, the diameter of the filter is similar and the sq ft of filtration similar then a longer or shorter filter will suffice so long as the filter does not come above the water line thus allowing in air.


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