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Cup Holder

The PureSpa cup holder has a refreshment tray that is designed to securely attach to the spa wall.

It will Keep your beverages and snacks close to you while you relax, can be removed for convenience and is easy to clean 

it will hold 2 standard size beverage containers.

Size approximately 26 x 22 x 18cm.



The convenient headrest allows you to comfortably rest your head while relaxing in the soothing spa.Designed to be placed on top of the spa wall.

Weighted down (when filled with water) to secure the headrest in place.

Size 39 x 30 x 23 cm


Booster Set 

The PureSpa seat will allow you to seat comfortably while relaxing in the pool, it has two height adjustments options 7.5cm and 15cm.

It is slip resistant and can be removed for convenience and storage.

Size 47 x 36 x 22cm


Maintenance Kit

Complete kit for keeping your spa clean, the curved brush is for using on the inner sidewall, the durable mesh skimmer net will catch any debris in the pool and the scrubber pad will help to eliminate dirt and grime from the walls & floor.

Contents: curved brush, skimmer net and scrubber pad.