Ecosavr Fish

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EcoSavr is the same liquid as HEATSAVR but designed for domestic use as it requires no dosing equipment. Simply Place the Fish in the bottom of the pool and the liquid is slowly released over a period of upto 30days.

Evaporation accounts for between 70 and 90% of swimming pool heat loss. Ecosavr can increase pool temperature by creating a transparent pool cover, allowing solar energy to enter the water. By reducing evaporation (up to 40%), the solar energy is trapped, keeping the pool warmer longer and actually extending your pool season. Both water and heat are conserved. UNHEATED POOLS ARE NATURALLY WARMER OR HEATED POOLS COST LESS TO RUN

  • One Ecosavr should be used for a pool area of about 31 to 42 square metres (300 - 400 sq. ft.) for approximately one month; larger pools will require two Ecosavrs.
  • Remember to restock your pool every four weeks to ensure maximum benefit. Always store above 5 degrees C